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Episode 83: The Bratz Rock Angelz & Forever Diamondz Videogames with Special Guest Teddy!

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Welcome to Bratzline! This week, we dust off the ol' Gamecube and PS2 so we can reminisce about the Bratz Rock Angelz and Forever Diamondz videogames! Each game takes the Bratz girls on an adventure around the world, where they can create  fashionable outfits, strut on the runway, deliver smoothies, return borrowed CD's, go bargain bin shopping, create extravagant makeup looks, all while putting a magazine together! Friend of the pod Teddy joins us  to discuss our favourite missions, locations, characters, outfits, music, mini games, and more! I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you so much to Teddy for coming on!


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Articles Mentioned:

Redbrick Retrospective by Emily Calder

5 Reasons to Play Rock Angelz in 2021 by Marina Delgreco

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