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BCGW #131 | Azra's Legions & Legends is a F2P mobile-first "web3-sensitive" game w/ Mark Otero

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In BCGW #131, Jon Jordan talks to Azra Games' CEO Mark Otero about Legions & Legends, his forthcoming 9th hero collection RPG; notably covering why Otero thinks blockchain and true ownership are important, and why he describes the game as being a "web3-sensitive" title, which will also have a "token of fun".

1:30 Legions & Legends will be your 9th RPG so what does blockchain add to the mix? 2:30 The value of true ownership of game assets 4:00 How can blockchain make the game experience stronger? 6:15 The influence of D&D in Mark's history 7:29 How blockchain plays into new features for collectible games 9:38 The vital important of camera system in a game with small and large characters 14:00 Why did you launch The Hopeful PFP collection? 16:33 Why Legions & Legends is a "web3-sensitive" game 18:50 We will never do anything within our game that corrupts the entertainment value 28:00 To-date we've seen some interesting but ultimately unsustainable business models 28:50 I think more people are now talking about fun in blockchain games 29:49 What are your thoughts about having an in-game token? 30:25 Explaining Legions & Legends' token of fun Read Jon's daily Substack at GamesTX.

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