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#BettingPeople. Characters from the world of betting. Brought to by starsports.bet. For our full library of video interviews visit https://www.starsportsbet.co.uk/betting-people/

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  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Simon Cawkwell #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: SIMON CAWKWELL made his fortune on the stock market identifying and selling short ‘losers’ in business. He also became adept at backing winners in sport and horseracing. Meeting Simon Cawkwell with Simon Nott.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Frank Yeo #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: FRANK YEO Frank Yeo is the Chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Point-To-Point secretaries. With him at the helm, the area embarked on live streaming ‘live’ point to point racing from the 2020-21 Pointing season which was largely held behind closed doors. Meeting Frank Yeo with Simon Nott.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

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  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Jon Franklin #BettingPeople podcast


    (FROM THE ARCHIVE) #BettingPeople: JON FRANKLIN Jon Franklin has used his experiences firstly working in betting shops then progressing to managing them as inspiration to write his first novel ‘Shouting The Odds’ which is based in the pre-Internet betting, pre-mobile phone, halcyon days of betting shops of the 1990’s. Meeting Jon Franklin with SIMON NOTT.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Anthony Kaminskas #BettingPeople Q&A podcast


    After the success of his Betting People interview, Anthony Kaminskas answers your questions in this bonus episode!
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Marco Blume #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: MARCO BLUME Marco Blume is the director of trading at international bookmaking giant Pinnacle. In this interview he talks about his background, laying big figures to small margins and how the nature of the ‘game’ has changed since he started…… Meeting Marco Blume with Simon Nott.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Anthony Kaminskas #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: ANTHONY KAMINSKAS Anthony started his career working for bookmakers, latterly Paddy Power but he soon picked up that there were people out there beating the book. He learned from them and followed them in, amassing a tank of £250,000 to go to war with as a professional punter. He’s not looked back and certainly takes no prisoners. Meeting Anthony Kaminskas with Simon Nott.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Ed Arkell #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: ED ARKELL Goodwood’s Clerk of the Course since 2017, ED ARKELL has been a part of the course since he started helping out on racedays. Introduced to this side of the industry by Simon Claisse, the Clerk of the Course at Cheltenham, who gave him a job at university driving a vet there, he’s responsible for not only the ground conditions but the safe and effective running of racedays at Goodwood. In this week’s interview, he goes behind the scenes on a raceday with Hannah Baycroft. Meeting Ed Arkell. A #BettingPeople interview with Hannah Baycroft.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Matthew Shaddick #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: MATTHEW SHADDICK - One of the most respected men in political betting, MATTHEW SHADDICK is Head of Politics at Smarkets, having recently joined from Ladbrokes, where he’d been since 2002. Shaddick took over the political betting product in 2008 at Ladbrokes and was appointed as the full-time head of that department in 2014, leading the group through a golden age for political markets with Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, three General Elections in Britain and the 2020 Presidential Election. A #BettingPeople interview with William Kedjanyi.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Steve Lewis Hamilton #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: STEVE LEWIS HAMILTON Steve Lewis Hamilton is a professional backer that has stood the test of time. He started in the racing game working in a betting shop. His punting was so successful in a small way that he decided to up his stakes and turn full time professional and bet on the racecourse. His method of getting his betting tank together was not orthodox or to be recommended. Since then he’s made his living backing horses and also advising potential winners to paying clients. A #BettingPeople interview with Simon Nott.
  • #BettingPeople podcast

    Joao Da Mata #BettingPeople podcast


    #BettingPeople: JOAO DA MATA is the co-founder of the International Racing Club and has a background in horse racing that stretches back to when he was seven years of age ranging from punter to jockey agent and mentor, owner, tipster and TV Presenter. Joao is a wonderfully, watchable and likeable character who shares some fascinating stories with us as well as an intriguing and unique insight into how he finds his winners! with JULIE COLLIER.

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