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Welcome to Cannabis Insider! We're bringing you the latest news and updates from the cannabis industry, as well as exclusive interviews with top executives and industry leaders!


-The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, with changing regulations and market trends.

-Partnerships between companies like Seven9 and OOKA are shaping the future of cannabis consumption.

-Consumer preferences are shifting towards lifestyle products and social cannabis experiences.

-The investment landscape for cannabis-related products is becoming more selective and focused on responsible business practices.

-The future of cannabis innovations holds great potential, with opportunities for social normalization and new markets.


00:00 Introduction and New Hosts

01:13 Introduction of Guest: Robert Sindelar

01:42 Top Cannabis News Stories: Wisconsin Update

02:35 Top Cannabis News Stories: Ohio Update

03:29 Top Cannabis News Stories: International Updates

06:49 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Partnership between Seven9 and OOKA

07:18 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Complementing Seven9 Pods with OOKA's Technology

10:18 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Social Aspect of OOKA's Products

15:31 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Evolution of Investment Landscape for Cannabis Products

18:42 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Current Trends in the Cannabis Industry

23:28 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Impact of Changing Regulations on Business Strategy and Product Development

27:27 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Future of Cannabis Innovations and the Role of OOKA

31:11 Interview with Robert Sindelar: Where to Find OOKA Products

34:05 Conclusion and Closing Remarks

Featured Guest(s):

Robert Sindelar, Head of Product - OOKAxSeven9

Meet The Host(s):

Patricio Liddle, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga

Abbey Higginbotham, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga


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