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Maximizing Cash Flow: ESOP Strategies for Cannabis Companies

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-ESOPs offer a way for cannabis companies to navigate tax challenges, such as Section 280E, by allowing them to pay zero federal and state taxes.

-ESOPs provide significant cash flow advantages for cannabis companies, as they can allocate the money that would have been paid in taxes to other areas of the business.

-ESOPs benefit employees by increasing job security, incentivizing them to stay with the company, and providing opportunities for wealth accumulation.

-The adoption of ESOPs in the cannabis industry is still relatively low due to a lack of awareness and misconceptions about their complexity and applicability.
Featured Guest(s):

Darren Gleeman, Managing Partner - MBO Ventures

Meet The Host(s):

Patricio Liddle, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga

Abbey Higginbotham, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga


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