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In this episode of Cannabis Insider, Pato and Abbey interview Kim Rael, the co-founder and CEO of Azuca, a company revolutionizing the edible cannabis scene. Kim shares her journey from the tech and venture capital world to the cannabis industry, driven by her passion for wellness. Azuca's formulations solve the problems of taste, predictability, and onset time in edibles, making them more enjoyable and effective. Kim also discusses the role of women in the cannabis industry and the need for more representation and support. She shares exciting innovations on the horizon for Azuca, including a process called Whole Plant Activator and a super activator. Kim emphasizes the importance of staying agile in the evolving cannabis landscape and highlights the need for regulatory changes, such as rescheduling cannabis and getting rid of 280e. Listeners can find more information about Azuca on their website and connect with Kim on LinkedIn.

Featured Guest(s):

Kim Rael, CEO - Azuca

Meet The Host(s):

Patricio Liddle, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga

Abbey Higginbotham, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga


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