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Benzinga Exclusive: ‘32% Ditch Painkillers for Cannabis’ Says Bloomberg Analyst

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-The cannabis retail space is undergoing changes, including the introduction of a color coding system to simplify the selection of cannabis strains.

-The debate on cannabis decriminalization involves considerations of public health, policymaking, and social values.

-There is a strong wave of support in the US for the descheduling of marijuana, which could lead to a transformation of the entire framework of cannabis regulation.

-Evolving cannabis regulations in federal employment highlight the need for clear policies regarding CBD and could influence drug policy reform.

-Consumers primarily use cannabis for pain relief, stress reduction, and anxiety management.

-Consumers tend to gravitate towards smoking dried flower and edibles, while other consumption methods like vapes, beverages, and tinctures have seen a decline in popularity.

-Consumers are willing to spend more on cannabis products with higher potency.

-Cannabis is increasingly being used as an alternative to painkillers and alcohol, which could have implications for the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries.

-Consumers value brands with strong environmental and social commitments in the cannabis industry.

-As cannabis legalization spreads, per capita consumption is expected to rise, driven by increased accessibility and consumer loyalty to brands.


00:00 - Changes in the Cannabis Retail Space

01:38 - Cannabis Decriminalization Debate

02:36 - Push for Marijuana Descheduling

03:04 - Evolving Cannabis Regulations in Federal Employment

03:56 - Interview with Kenneth Shea, Senior Equity Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence

04:41 - Cannabis Consumption Methods

05:11 - Reasons for Cannabis Use

08:02 - Consumer Spending Habits

11:40 - Cannabis as an Alternative to Painkillers and Alcohol

15:26 - Consumer Values and Branding in the Cannabis Industry

17:20 - Future of Cannabis Consumption

Featured Guest(s):

Kenneth Shea, Senior Equity Analyst - Bloomberg Intelligence

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Patricio Liddle, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga

Abbey Higginbotham, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga


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