Back on the Broomstick: Old Witchcraft, New Path podcast

Back on the Broomstick: Old Witchcraft, New Path

Laylla & Chelle

"Back on the Broomstick" is your magical podcast hangout where the world of witchcraft and the modern-day collide. Hosted by witchy best friends, Laylla and Chelle, this podcast is a cauldron bubbling with the latest spells, rituals, pagan wisdom, divination insights, and mystical musings. Born from a deep-rooted friendship and a shared passion for the witchy life, Laylla and Chelle weave their decades of pagan practice into each episode while learning new theories and chatting with today's pagan and witchcraft authors, influencers, and magickal practitioners.

Hop onto this personal magical journey to get back on the broomstick, and you'll be treated to a blend of personal stories, practical spellcraft, and insightful discussions on everything from moon rituals and magical history, to hexing and herbal magic. Each episode is like a cozy coven sesh, filled with laughter, learning, and a touch of enchantment.

So, grab your besom, light a candle, and join this bewitching podcast adventure. Laylla and Chelle are here to show you how to blend magic into your daily grind and reconnect with your inner witch. Hit subscribe to "Back on the Broomstick" and join a community where magic is real, fun, and totally alive in today's world. Tune in and let your magical adventure begin!

71 Episodes