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Ana Maria Conneely

Every fortnight, join Ana Maria, yoga teacher, massage therapist and wellbeing advocate, as she interviews inspirational people on their journey to create positive change in the world and community while finding balance in their own unique ways. Whether you want to learn more about physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing or living a more balanced life, this is the podcast for you.

45 Episodes

  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Beth Edwards-Nutrition,Diabetes and Intuitive Eating


    Beth Edwards is a nutritional therapist with a special interest and expertise in diabetes type 1 she is also a health psychologist with a no-nonsense approach to helping her clients eat well and live well. On this weeks show we take a deep dive with Beth into her own personal experience with type 1 diabetes. She answers questions around  how this chronic illness effects people, and she shares how she helps her clients to manage it with kindness and a deep level of knowledge and insight.  Find her @bethedwardsnutrition and
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Finn Van Der Aar- Salt Water Stories


    Finn is a marine scientist, author, Clean Coast Ambassador and a Climate Change Ambassador, self proclaimed foodie who is passionate about sharing her knowledge about the environment, low impact travel and how to help people live more sustainably. In this episode we speak about her journey to finding her calling as a guardian of our planets oceans, her journey to healing her own health and how that lead her to create her own gluten free sustainable bakery and much more. You can find Finn  
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

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  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Tanya Fairtlough- Yoga, Doula work and Journalling


    Tanya is a Yoga teacher and Birth Doula and baby massage teacher with a passion for holding space and supporting women and their families through the journey of having a child. We dive into how as a teacher you are always evolving and how unexpected challenges shift the direction of work and sense of purpose. Journalling is a key part of Tanya's day and she shares with us some brilliant journalling prompts to help clear the mind fog. tanya_fairtlough_yoga
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Lara Otunla- The London House of Wellbeing


    Lara Otunla  Bsc(Hons) MRpharmS is the director and founder of the London House of Wellbeing. Lara and the team are dedicated to helping people take a proactive approach to their own health by offering screen testing, advice and information for various health issues in a welcoming environment. The LHOW is based in Herne Hill with a view to rolling out other locations across London.  Mention A Way To Live Well, when booking a test or buying any products to receive 20% off.
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Charlie Tunmore-The Practice of Health


    Charlie is currently studying to be a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It is his aim to support people in understanding how to make health work for them on a daily basis. Charlie is the host of a podcast called The Practice of Health, where he empowers you to take ownership of your own health. We chat about - his journey, his passion for Jiu Jitsu, the microbiome and loads more! Charlie is also a yoga studio manager, and a jiu jitsu purple belt. You can connect with him on instagram @charlietunmore
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Life's Journey to Wholeness with Dr. Natalie Bodart


    Mental health is more than the mind.  In the last 20 years we have begun to uncover more about the science behind the mind body connection than ever before. This connection is one that the ancient Yogi’s, Buddhist meditators and animistic cultures have understood intuitively for thousands of years.   Dr Natalie Bodart, a London based clinical psychologist speaks with us about her work helping others uncover they key to supporting their own mental health and helping them face the tough stuff and get the results that they truly want and deserve.        Dr. Bodart is the clinical director of the Bodart Practice, she works with a team of  psychologists who believe that you shouldn't be held back from living life on your terms. They recognise that the key to creating fulfilment is connecting with all aspects of life, not only your mental health.   They create a sense of community and belonging through therapy, workshops and retreats.   Follow her on: Instagram: @drnataliebodart Web:
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    Women's Wisdom circles and cycles with Andrea Gonzales Capilla


    Andrea is a doula, a wife and a mother of three. She holds women’s circles for women of all ages, supporting them to connect on a deeper level with their bodies and their menstrual cycle.   When women begin to tune into their own cycle they begin to have a greater sense of understanding why they might feel a certain way during different times of the month.   She shares with us information about herbs and foods and reusable feminine products that are better for our health the environment and that can save money.   You can follow her on instagram @lastporpoise
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Vanessa Menendez-Covelo- Acupuncture and Necessary Decisions


    Vanessa Menendez-Covelo is an acupuncturist and the host of a podcast.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ She spent 15 years working in technology before retraining to become an acupuncturist. We discuss the necessary decisions which change the direction of our lives. And her personal journey towards wellbeing, and the functions and benefits of acupuncture.
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Scott Aaron-Success Mindset


    Scott Aaron is a coach, speaker and best selling author of “The Linkedin Book For Network Marketing” He is a former gym owner and wellness professional. He continues to dedicate himself to his own mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing but after filing for bankruptcy 4 years ago he has pivoted his life in new and incredible directions.   We talk developing money mindset and about how generosity and collaboration are the keys to success.   This was such a brilliant conversation I highly recommend you grab a pen and paper so that you can note down some of the unmissable information and book recommendations.
  • awaytolivewell podcast podcast

    Ellie Frith- From breakdown to Wellbeing


    Ellie Frith is the host of the Chewy head podcast where she seeks to dispel myths, stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental health. She shares her story of mental break down and her journey back to wellbeing.

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