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A Wealthy Life

Vicki Wusche

Welcome to A Wealthy Life, a podcast by author and wealth strategist Vicki Wusche. This brand new series is filled with practical tips, insights and a touch of humour covering all things wealth, money, and financial education, helping you to rethink your relationship with money and time. If you have started to realise that time is worth more than money – and even more so if you haven’t, then A Wealthy Life is the podcast for you. If you're a business owner, contractor or leader of industry – are you tired of missing out on family life? Do you wish you were the one in charge of how you spend your time? Then A Wealthy Life is the podcast for you. Do you just want to feel more comfortable around money and investments, and know that you are financially resilient no matter what this decade dreams up next? Then A Wealthy Life is DEFINITELY the podcast for you. Follow and subscribe now to never miss an episode.

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