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3 Speech Podcast


A light hearted poke at the woke! A weekly podcast discussing the events of the week with comedians Leo Kearse, Nico Yearwood, Darius Davies & Producer Mooch

30 Episodes

  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 30 - Muslim Heart Transplants and Woke M&M's


    The OG Crew are back discussing Drake's hot sauce antics, Russian Literature and Elon Musk.
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 29 - Crazy Ex's & Abortions with George Zach


    Greek Comedian George Zach joins us with the most horrific dating story you will ever hear! Like and subscribe and sign up to our locals.00:00 Intro00:30 George Zach Greek Comedian02:40 Darius’ Medication09:50 Hong Kong Hamsters13:05 Djokovic Update34:20 Limewire Pirates41:45 Video Game chat49:30 George’s Horrific Relationship Story
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

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  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep. 28 - Is Djokovic R*******?


    Djokovic, World War 2 and words you can’t say! Like and subscribe and sign up to our locals.00:00 Intro00:50 WW2 History Lesson05:30 Aboriginal Interpreter09:45 Nico’s Toilet Recap14:10 Djokovic in PRISON?!18:35 Somali Pirate Stock Exchange 25:45 Stop Being R*****ed36:45 Woke Comedian Gets Cancelled47:50 Nonce Tattoo/Scouse Troll58:08 USA Today Pedophile Stigmatisation01:04:45 Locals Launch
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep. 27 - Emma Watson & Patton Oswalt are WOKE


    Back once again in the freezing cold shipping container. Don’t forget to like and sub.00:00 Intro00:45 Music Stories06:30 3 Speech Biker Gang09:30 Darius’s Feminist Driving School13:30 Darius’s Fasting tips22: 45 Leo and Darius Do Mushrooms in Thailand30:25 Bogdanov Twins and Body Dysmorphia34:40 Macron Tactics40:32 The problem with Woke People43:45 Comedians on the NHS46:30 Patton Oswalt sells out Dave Chappelle57:45 Selling Farts causes Heart Attacks??59:20 Nico’s Toilet Choices01:13:55 Emma Watson Antisemitism?01:21:25 Sadiq Khan War on Drugs
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 26 - Leo vs The Haters (Kwanzaa Special)


    The Final Episode of 2021! Thank you for 1k! Three Speech is back with a bang.#3SpeechPod #FreeSpeech #Comedy00:00 Intro01:30 Kwanza vs Christmas09:45 Leo’s Christmas Botox Drama15:42 Nico’s Christmas Argument18:00 Omicron Lockdown??23:10 NHS Data & Social Credit Score29:00 Pickaxe Theft33:30 Female Comedian Disguise36:25 Leo’s New BBC Show55:44 Astroturfing YouTubers01:02:50 Is Saying Fat Ableist?01:14:03 Alexa Says Touch A Plug
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 25 - The 3 Speech Christmas Specials


    Back from out injury/illness break with the Christmas Specials! Worst Christmas Gigs, Penguin Conspiracies and Leo’s Music Guide. Three Speech is back with a bang.#3SpeechPod #FreeSpeech #Comedy00:00 Intro03:20 Penguin Conspiracy05:42 Brian Singer Allegations17:25 Spiderman No Way Home20:00 Plane Nerd23:50 8 Year Old 22 Year Old31:50 Leo’s Music Guide/Abou Hamza36:20 Crackers46:00 Facebook Live50:20 Worst Christmas Gigs01:02:00 Whitehouse Christmas Message01:04:20 Kamala Harris and Charlamagne 01:07:50 Quidditch Controversy 01:13:57 Meta Investigation
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 24 - Dapper Laughs AKA Daniel O'Reilly


    This week the Three Speech Podcast squad are joined by the cancelled comedian and now millionaire, Dapper Laughs 00:00 Intro03:20 Who is Dapper Laughs?06:50 How to pick up Women10:10 How to build a Social Media Following12:00 Classism in Comedy12:50 How did Dapper get Cancelled?24:30 How Dapper built his Empire36:40 Crazy Ginger Cabbie & Alright Fans37:40 Finding Your Niche42:00 The News42:55 Zara Sultana44:45 Masks57:05 Cash vs Crypto01:02:12 NFTs & Virtual Reality Metaverse01:11:55 Jussie Smollet
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 23 - Is Staring Harassment?


    Three Speech is back once again with the core crew chatting about Leo getting cancelled (again), Darius's addiction and Nico's independence.#3SpeechPod #Comedy #FreeSpeech00:00 Plug Attempt00:28 Intro09:30 Intrusive Staring15:02 Barbados Independence18:30 China’s Control26:22 US Marines vs UK Navy29:25 Darius is on Speed31:45 Leo Gets a Complaint40:00 Ghislaine Maxwell on Reddit50:50 Darius Gets Tricked into a Job58:00 Alice Sebold got it wrong01:00:55 Rittenhouse Revenge01:07:25 White Slurs
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 22 - Alistair Williams on Cancellation


    Alistair Williams joins the Three Speech Podcast as a special guest this week and we hope you can still find us!#3SPeechPod #AlistairWilliams #God00:00 Intro00:16 The Alistair Williams Story05:13 The Brexit Bit09:50 Banned by Comedy Clubs11:50 Tech Censorship16:20 Religion & MJ28:00 Vaccine End Game32:00 How did Alistair get Cancelled34:00 Woke Mafia Sopranos35:50 Mainstream Media Blindspots43:20 Deals with the Devil from Katie Perry & Bob Dylan54:55 Finding God
  • 3 Speech Podcast podcast

    Ep 21 - Scouse Taxis and Kyle Rittenhouse


    Ep 2100:00 Intro00:15 Have We Peaked?02:02 Leo Takes on Elon Musk03:00 Liverpool Bomber10:00 Excessive Migration?12:55 Kyle Rittenhouse21:10 Chinese State Rap29:30 No More Downloads35:10 Michael Jackson vs Joe Biden41:45 Sophia Urista and Leo's Pee53:25 Girlband or Gillaband58:10 Mr Punman

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