Zigbits Network Design Podcast podcast

Zigbits Network Design Podcast

Zig Zsiga

Join Host Zig Zsiga and his cast of Industry Experts as they help you with Network Engineering, Network Design, and Network Architecture. If you are just starting out your career in Networking or if you are a 30 year seasoned Networking Professional, this is the place for you! Our topics range from Network Engineering Technical concepts like complex routing and switching, to Network Design Use Cases, to industry certifications like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and CCDE, to Evolving Technologies like Cloud, 5G, Automation, Programmability, DevOps, and DevNet. You should love and be passionate about what you do in life! That’s why part of this show is to help you find the perfect role within Network Engineering, no matter what it is be it a Network Engineer, Network Designer, or Network Architect. This show Demystifies the roles so you can choose the right one for you! Join the Zigbits Discord Community: https://zigbits.tech/discord #AttackYourGoals #AttackTheDay #AttackYourLife #MakeProgress

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