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Why PropTech1 VC is Investing €100 Million to Future-Proof Real Estate

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Summary: Award winning podcast host and Founder of Bold, Caleb Parker sits down with Kingma Ma, Managing Director in the UK for PropTech1, a venture capital firm investing in European startups shaping the future of the built environment. Kingma shares insights into the dynamic world of PropTech, the challenges and opportunities in sustainability, and the importance of fostering a diverse ecosystem. From discussions at ULI in Madrid to the intricacies of retrofitting existing structures for energy efficiency, this episode explores the evolving landscape of PropTech and its impact on real estate.


• Kingma emphasises the significance of building relationships across diverse domains within the built environment, highlighting the international nature of challenges and solutions in PropTech.

• Innovation in Retrofitting: EcoWorks, a German-based startup backed by PropTech1, demonstrates the potential of retrofitting existing multifamily residential apartments into net-zero energy spaces through advanced digital modelling and energy-efficient solutions.

• Strategic Partnerships for PropCo Innovation: PropTech1's approach involves not only providing capital but also creating an ecosystem where startups collaborate with established players in the built environment. This collaborative model aims to address real problems faced by property companies and drive innovation from within.

• Royal Connections: PropTech1's unique network includes the Liechtenstein Royal Family Office among its investors, showcasing the diverse and influential partnerships that contribute to the success of PropTech ventures.

• Kingma invites potential investors to join PropTech1 as Limited Partners (LPs) to be part of the venture's mission to reach a funding target of 100 million euros, supporting the growth of startups that tackle critical challenges in the built environment.

Connect with today’s guest: 

• Kingma Ma LinkedIn

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Connect with the WorkBold Podcast Team: 

• Host Caleb Parker: LinkedIn

• Collaboration Partner Morgan Pierstorff: LinkedIn


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