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Why Are Landlords Finally Adopting Flex In Their Portfolios?

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In this episode of #WorkBold, your host Caleb Parker, talks to Jonny Rosenblatt co-founder of SpaceMade, who shares his journey in the flexible workspace industry and the shift in landlords' perception of flex space. He discusses the benefits of partnering with flex operators and the importance of delivering a hospitality-driven experience. Rosenblatt emphasizes the need for customization and brand differentiation in the flex market, as well as the potential for sector-specific spaces. He also highlights the challenges of building a sophisticated infrastructure and the importance of marketing and community curation in the industry.


  • Landlords are recognizing the need to partner with flex operators to deliver a hospitality-driven experience and drive the quality of their buildings.

  • Flex space allows landlords to offer additional amenities and services to traditional tenants, enhancing the overall leasing proposition.

  • Every office asset should have some level of flex and hospitality-driven space, but it may not work in every building or market.

  • Brand differentiation and customization are crucial in the growing flex market, allowing operators to attract a diverse range of customers.

  • The future of flex space may involve more sector-specific spaces that cater to specific industries and create a unique community..


Jonny Rosenblatt: LinkedIn | Website
With over a decade of commercial real estate experience, Jonny has been at the forefront of the shift towards flexibility, hospitality, and community creation in the office market. Having launched Headspace Group in 2012 before successfully exiting in 2017, he has unrivalled experience designing, building and operating new platforms in the flexible real estate space.


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