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When A 6 CAP Is No Longer A 6 CAP - Only The Paranoid (Office Investors) Survive

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In this episode of #WorkBold, your host Caleb Parker, talks to Michael Kovacs from Castleforge to discuss the transformation in office space investments towards flexible workspace solutions. Castleforge, traditionally a real estate investor and developer, has pivoted towards investing heavily in 'Flex' space, creating their operator known as Clockwise. Mike delves into the decision to start their own flex space operation, initially tested in Glasgow, which resulted in a highly successful full building conversion to Flex, achieving over 90% occupancy and significantly higher desk rates than anticipated. The success at Glasgow prompted Castleforge to scale the model across their portfolio and purchase assets with an underwriting for flex space from the outset. The discussion also touches on the broader challenges office investors face in generating consistent cash flows and the potential for Flex space to offer a more reliable income stream. Mike further discusses a white paper released by Castleforge, arguing that traditional valuation models for office space are outdated and that Flex spaces, despite their discounted valuation, may offer a closer match to their economic value, thus presenting a compelling investment proposition. The episode concludes with considerations on the future of office space valuations and the evolution of investor models towards accommodating the growing demand for Flex spaces.

Castleforge White Paper: 
Only the Paranoid (Office Investors) Survive


Michael Kovacs: LinkedIn | Website

Prior to founding Castleforge in 2010, Michael worked at Westbrook Partners in London, where he was involved in transactions representing over £2bn of asset value for Westbrook's various funds in the UK, Europe and Asia across a diverse range of real estate investment types. Prior to Westbrook Partners, Michael worked at the Blackstone Group in New York.

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