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Season 11 Trailer: Bold Visions, Brave Execution - Pioneering the Future of Office Real Estate

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Welcome to Season 11 of #WorkBold, with your host Caleb Parker, CEO of Brave Corp. This podcast exists to serve stakeholders in commercial real estate including investors, fund managers, landlords, operators agents, and brokers, by providing insights from industry experts on navigating the changing landscape of office real estate and the future of work.

Season 11 is sponsored by Freshwave, the champions of connectivity ensuring your mobile phone signal is strong in your offices.

Grab your popcorn and tune into our preview of what’s to come over the next 10 weeks. 

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Headline Sponsor | Freshwave: Website | LinkedIn
Freshwave is the connectivity infrastructure-as-a-service provider bringing MNOs, government, and real estate providers to work together in new ways. From stadiums and hospitals to skyscrapers and shopping centres, we provide mobile, 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity infrastructure all over the UK and Europe.

Fortune Favours the Bold: Website | LinkedIn
Bold is a coworking brand owned and operated by NewFlex.

Future Proof Your Portfolio with NewFlex: Website | LinkedIn
NewFlex delivers and manages a range of branded solutions for every type of building, in every type of location, for every type of occupier. Including the flexibility to develop your own brand. All enabled by flexible management contracts where we are invested in making money for you.

Brave Corporation: Website | LinkedIn
The next generation real estate company driving value through strategic asset repositioning to de-risk assets and increase NOI. 

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ShoRunner is the leading podcast production and strategic content company for brands, organisations, institutions, individuals, and entrepreneurs. Our team sets you up with the right strategy, equipment, training, guidance and content to ensure you sound amazing while speaking to your niche audience and networking with your perfect clients. Get in touch [email protected]

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