Whale Tales Podcast podcast

Whale Tales Podcast

Whale Tales

A living library of cetacean stories – now in podcast form!

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  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 032-Community Science


    We are joined with the amazing Caitlin Birdsall from the Marine Education Research Society to talk about the magic of community/citizen science especially when it comes to cetaceans! -Do our Seventh Anniversary Survey –Marine Education and Research Society –Whale Report app -BC Cetaceans Sighting Network –Cetaceans Sightings Networks across the world –Northern Resident’s at a […]
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 031-Summer Report 2021


    We are joined by special guest Ashley Keegan this month to hear all about the whale watching season in the Salish Sea this year! Show Notes: –Whale Watching Guidelines –Sustainable Halloween Candy –Halloween Waste Recycling in BC
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

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  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 030-Porpoises


    We are back with a porpoise this month😂 You guessed it-we are talking all about those tiny cetaceans-porpoises! Show Notes –Why it might not be too late for the Vaquita –Porpoises are most closely related to Belugas and Narwhals than Dolphins –An Incredible Encounter with Dolphins and Porpoises –Porpoise Conservation Society –Ocean Wise Seafood
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 029-Cetacean Evolution


    We dive way back in time this episode to explore Cetacean Evolution! Show Notes –From Land to Water: the Origin of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises | Evolution: Education and Outreach | Full Text (biomedcentral.com) –The Evolutionary History of Whales – Cetacean Evolution Part 1 – YouTube –The Walking Whales (from Land to Water in Eight […]
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 028-Fin Whales


    We are back and talking all things Fin Whales this month! Show Notes -Fin Whales in the St. Lawrence https://www.rorqual.com/downloads/fin-whale-survival-pdf.pdf -Australian destroyer with two dead Fin Whales on its’ bow https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/12/australia/australia-destroyer-whales-san-diego-intl-hnk-scli-ml/index.html -Fin Whale songs used for Seismic surveys https://science.sciencemag.org/content/371/6530/731.abstract -The Fin Whale Project https://www.edmaktub.org/en/fin-whale-project/ –An Amazing Fin Whale Encounter
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 027-Norwegian Orcas


    We are back, once again celebrating Orca Awareness Month with a very special guest, Krisztina Balotay, who is here to tell us all about Norwegian Killer Whales! Show Notes: -Krisztina’s Whale Tales –Norwegian Orca Survey –Orca Channel
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Mailbag Episode Four


    Happy Orca Awareness Month! We are back with another Orca filled episode, answering questions asked by YOU! Show Notes: -Biggs Killer Whale ID Catalogue –Northern Resident Killer Whale ID Catalogue –DNA Research between Biggs and Residents –Dr. Lance Barrett-Lennards Dissertation –Killer Whale Teeth -Marine Mammal Response Groups USA –Marine Mammal Response Groups Canada –Marine Mammal […]
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 026-Beaked Whales


    We are back and talking all about Beaked Whales! Show Notes –Beaked Whales –The Cut ranks 38 whale species –Blainsville Beaked Whales –A Marine Life Bonanza!
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 025-Ted Cheeseman


    We are joined by another amazing guest this episode-Ted Cheeseman, the CEO and Co-Founder of Happywhale! Show Notes –Happywhale, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Whale Tales Podcast podcast

    Episode 024-Dolphin Awareness Month 2021


    We are back to celebrate all things dolphin in this Dolphin Awareness Month Episode! Show Notes: –Indus and Ganges Ricer Dolphins are two separate species –Risso’s Dolphin –Hector’s Dolphin –Peale’s Dolphin –Fraser’s Dolphin –Commerson’s Dolphin –Heaviside’s Dolphin –Rough Toothed Dolphin –Patches! –Dolphin Stampede!

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