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188 | The Dog Lovers Dating App: FetchaDate

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Have you ever used a dating app just for single pet lovers? Sheryl Matthys came up with the idea for what is now an app called FetchaDate when she got her first Greyhound while living in New York City. She discovered the power of having a great WingPet™ to make the introduction to potential new friends.

Since then she’s hosted events, written a book, launched a website and an app for the Google Play and Apple App Store. With so many great experiences to pull from, Sheryl and I talk about everything from Covid dating and dog-friendly date ideas to trademarks and website hosting!

The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast

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    202 | The Senior Dog Doc: Dr. Monica Tarantino, DVM


    On this episode I’m excited to share a conversation with veterinarian Dr. Monica Tarantino. She’s made it her mission to focus on senior dogs and how pet parents can give their seniors the best life possible. She talked to me about the unique challenges and perks of senior dogs and shared 3 things that she wishes every senior pet parent knew. Dr. Tarantino also talked to me about her new online course geared toward senior pet parents. The course is a comprehensive guide to everything someone might want to know about their senior dog and covers a lot of the questions she gets from clients in the exam room. That course is co-created with another vet we love… Dr. Lisa Lippman (who you can get to know on Episode 162). I also wanted to ask Dr. Tarantino about stress management advice for people in the pet industry. There are a lot of demands on people who work with pets. My biggest takeaway from her advice was that you’re not alone! That person who you think has it all together, they’re probably stressed out too! So don’t strive to be perfect, just strive to be the best (well rested) version of you. The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    201 | Adding Products to your Pet Service Business with Liz Williams of High Tail Hikes


    In this episode I’m talking to Liz Williams who has had a dog hiking business in the Bay Area since 2015. In early 2020, sparked by pandemic shut downs, she started selling the biothane leashes she’d been making for herself. Her initial audience was other local pet professionals. In the last year and a half, she’s expanded the product business to offer more variety and reach dog lovers across the country. She shared with me some of the keys to starting and growing a product business while simultaneously continuing to operate the dog hike services. It has a lot to do with hiring help and building trust with your team so you can learn to let go. Should you offer products to your clients, local community or pet lovers around the country? Come brainstorm about it in the Wear Wag Repeat Labs Facebook group. There are other petpreneurs in there who juggle multiple businesses, too! The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    200 | City Dog Expert Kimberly Freeman: Pivots in the Pet Industry


    You might know today’s guest, Kimberly Freeman, as City Dog Expert. In this interview, Kim told me about how she started out as a dog walker, then professional dog trainer, while at university in Scotland. When she moved to New York City she saw the need for resources for city dogs and started blogging to share her expertise and recommendations. Now she’s back in the U.K. and pivoting again while turning City Dog Expert into Europe’s number one city dog blog. We talked about the importance of getting certified and licensed or joining professional organizations to market your pet business. Kim also told me why studying canine body language is important for all dog care providers. This interview also marks 200 episodes of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast! In the past 4 years, I’ve interviewed over 150 women in the pet industry starting with Milla Chappel of Real Happy Dogs on Episode 1. I’ve talked to pet-obsessed women in the US, Canada, Australia, England and Germany. Plus, this episode will take us over 90,000 downloads! It’s a milestone week for the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast! I admire every single woman I’ve had on here, and every single person listening. You never know who’s story will inspire you. And that’s my favorite thing about hosting this podcast. I get to talk to women who are just starting their pet business and others who have been in the industry for many years. The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    199 | A Membership to Grow Your Pet Business Online


    In this episode I’m telling you all about the 2022 plans for Wear Wag Repeat Society! This is my monthly membership that helps you grow your pet business online. Members get access to monthly lessons, virtual co-working, mastermind-style hotseats, networking yappy hours, a private Facebook group, content bonuses and more! What we have in common is a love of working with pets! But members of WWR Society have a variety of businesses in this industry including content creators, pet service providers, artists, photographers, product makers and more. Enrollment is only open 4 times a year! Learn more and join us at wearwagrepeat.com/society The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    198 | Year in Review Self-Audit for your Pet Business


    In this episode I’m giving you an inside look at the most recent lesson from Wear Wag Repeat Society, my membership that helps you grow your pet business online. In this lesson, I explain the why and how of doing a year in review audit of your business. As solopreneurs and small businesses, it’s hard to audit yourself. But reflecting on what worked and what didn’t in the past year will make 2022 all the more successful and fulfilling. If you like what you hear in this episode, join me for a FREE workshop to help you set goals for 2022. It’s called K9 in 90 and it will help you set 9 goals for your pet and your pet business for the first 90 days of the year. I hosted this last year and everyone loved it, so you don’t want to miss this! It’s happening on Thursday, January 6th at 7pm EST. Save your spot for that at wearwagrepeat.com/k9in90
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    197 | Taking Over the Pretty Fluffy Dog Blog


    On this episode, I’m talking to Katy and Shell. In the last year they took over one of my favorite OG dog blogs, Pretty Fluffy. It was really great to hear about how they got started in the pet world by doing in-home pet family photography, a style that exposed them to Pretty Fluffy several years ago, and when the opportunity came up to take over the site in late 2020, they decided to go for it! I really enjoyed hearing about their plans for the site’s content and what they’ve been working on so far.   The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    196 | Hiring a Team to Grow Your Dog Gear Business with Dr. Kathy Burnell


    On this episode, I’m talking to Dr. Kathy Burnell, a veterinarian who is also the creator of Puplid, a dog gear brand designed to help pups with sun sensitivities. A lot of dogs can be sensitive to the sun. Kathy and her husband Tony were inspired by their dog Buddy’s struggles to create this new product. When Buddy’s hat got compliments at the beach and around town, Kathy knew Puplid could be a business! Her veterinary expertise combined with Tony’s engineer skills helped them to create a hat that not only looks cute, but serves a protective function and is more comfortable for dogs to wear than other alternatives. She talked to me about some of the challenges of running a product business and how important it is to hire a good team to help you grow. The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    195 | New Pet Influencers Look to Brittany Brown for Advice


    Brittany Brown has been running her dog Rosie’s Instagram account since before her puppy was born in early 2020. She quickly got into sponsored posts, and since then has become a go-to resource for people just getting started in the pet influencer world. We talked about how to land paid brand sponsorship deals, what brands are looking for and how to define your goals. Part of our conversation that got me excited was defining transactional brand deals versus long term relationship deals. There’s a big difference in how they work, and how they make you feel as a content creator. Plus, Brittany shared a hashtag tip I’ve never thought of before! The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    194 | How to Start a Pet Industry Podcast


    I get so many questions about how to start a pet industry podcast. A lot of pet bloggers, dog trainers, pet sitters, vets, nutritionist and more are interested in learning how to start and run a successful show. If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone! Over 150,000 new podcasts came out in 2020. But what do you need to do to create a lasting podcast for pet parents or petpreneurs? The first episode of this show came out on November 1st, 2017, which means I’ve been podcasting for over 4 years. So, I would say I can share a thing or two about how to run a show that lasts. Podcasting is definitely a lot of work and has expenses associated with it. However, it’s one of my favorite elements of my business. And as of 2021, it’s turning a really nice profit for me! I’ll explain more about that in this episode. The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast
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    193 | Celebrating Small Business Saturday with The Dog Guide San Antonio


    In this episode, I’m sharing a conversation with Amy Lynn, the founder of The Dog Guide San Antonio. She told me how she got the inspiration to start an online resource of dog-friendly activities, places and things in her city. This guide, through the website and social media, has grown to include dog obsessed events, fundraisers and more. Amy talks about some of the different mutually beneficial ways that she works with local businesses and organizations. For her site’s 3rd anniversary earlier this year, Amy hosted 30K for Canines, a community pet food drive. The fundraiser not only hit the goal of raising 30,000 pounds of pet food… they actually doubled it! I thought this would be the perfect interview to share with you this week while we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US and Small Business Saturday this weekend. The rest of the shownotes can be found at wearwagrepeat.com/podcast

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