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Getting vulnerable, with Xander Marin

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The first man we’ve ever had on the pod! We’ve had a lot of requests to hear from couples about how they navigate the childfree choice together, so we reached out to Xander, husband and business partner of sex therapist Vanessa Marin. The couple opened up on their Pillow Talks podcast about their decision not to have children, in what proved to be their most popular episode ever!

Xander told us how they arrived at their choice, and when they did, how this “domino belief” gave them permission to create a life together that truly fulfils them. It was great to hear from a man about how his experience differs from his wife’s, how they’ve coped with their families’ expectations, and how they counsel parents about their relationships and sex lives.

Check out Vanessa and Xander Marin on vmtherapy.com and their Instagram.

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