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Interview with Ron Sandison on Faith, Advocacy and Prairie Dogs

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Ron Sandison is an autistic man with boundless energy and who wears many hats. He is an author, speaker, and does ministry work for faith institutions. We speak with Ron about how his mother recognized and nurtured his interests and enthusiasms, the role of faith in his work, and the advice he gives to parents raising autistic children based on his own experiences.

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    Longing to Belong in Faith Communities: A Conversation with Shelly Christensen


    Shelly Christensen brings a vast amount of experience in helping various faith communities be more welcoming and inclusive. As a professional with deep experience and expertise in faith communities and disabilities, and as a parent of a young man on the autism spectrum, and as a person with a disability herself, she discusses her experiences as a parent-professional and the need to work with the leadership of faith communities to create opportunities to families and individuals that allow them to feel comfortable, respected and included. In our “Enthusiasm of the Week” segment, 8 year old Ryan and his mother discuss his enthusiasm for number blocks and how it has been of benefit in many different ways.
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    A Conversation with Danny Whitty: A Talented, Witty Cook Who Communicates by Spelling


    Danny Whitty is a 36 year old Autistic self advocate who communicates his complex thoughts and ideas primarily by spelling, and with unreliable speech. Barry and Dave engage in a lively conversation with Danny who receives support from his sister, his communication regulation partner. Topics range from how his life has changed dramatically since he learned how to spell to communicate, the qualities of people who best support non-speakers, and the culinary arts, an area in which Danny demonstrates specific talents and passions.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

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  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    Autistic Identity, Trauma, and the Importance of Mentoring - A Conversation with Dena Gassner


    Dena Gassner is an autistic professional who is helping to create, shape and advance the agenda of autistic self-advocates, and indeed, society in general. As a researcher, author, social worker, university instructor, mother, grandmother and mentor, she brings a lifetime of experience in sharing her wisdom about autistic identity, generational differences between older and younger autistic people, and the importance of mentoring.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    Dr. Paula Kluth on Inclusion, Virtual Learning and Co-teaching


    Dr. Paula Kluth shares her decades of deep experience in supporting inclusion and the rights of students with disabilities in educational settings. She discusses the true meaning of inclusion in educational settings, as well as the benefits of “virtual inclusion” and co-teaching, while offering effective strategies for teaching students virtually and in classroom. In our discussion, Paula emphasizes the importance of educators, related service professionals, and families working collaboratively to support students’ love of learning at school and at home.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    The Vital Importance of Play: A Discussion with Dr. Pamela Wolfberg


    Dr. Pamela Wolfberg, a leading expert in understanding and studying play, socialization, and the development of friendships for autistic children. She joins us for a lively discussion that will be of great interest for parents, teachers, and therapists. We learn about her esteemed career during which she provided great insight into the play of autistic children, and developed an internationally recognized, evidence-based approach now being implemented internationally: The Integrated Play Groups model.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    Strategies for Successful Transitions Back to School for Parents and Professionals


    Supporting successful transitions back to school is critical for maximizing success for the whole school year. Dave and Barry have a lively discussion about challenges and creative strategies to help children of all ages to get off to a good start in this coming school year.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    Autism and the Criminal Justice System: A Conversation with Nick Dubin


    Nick Dubin is an autistic author with professional expertise and personal experiences involving encounters with the criminal justice system. Nick shares his personal history highlighting some of the challenges experienced by an autistic person growing up in the 1980s and 1990s. He shares his own experiences with the criminal justice system and how ill-prepared the system, at all levels, is in understanding the impact of autism on the behavior and reactions of autistic individuals. Our discussion is highlighted by Nick's efforts to use his personal experiences to help others on the spectrum so that they do not have to deal with what he has experienced earlier in his life.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    Autistic Women, Autistic Mothers: A Conversation with Carly Ott Fulgham


    Understanding the experience of autistic women and autistic mothers is a recent and critical focus in both the autism and neurotypical community. Carly shares her experiences of late diagnosis, motherhood, success in the corporate world and her “hobby” of selfless volunteerism to help other autistic women.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    Interview with Dr. Jed Baker on Anxiety, The Incredible Hulk and Life Satisfaction


    Autistic people of all ages are vulnerable to many factors, both internal and external, that may lead to frustration, anxiety, and dysregulation. Dr. Jed Baker’s many publications and clinical innovations have directly addressed these challenges in respectful and insightful ways. We discuss ways to understand such challenges and provide support based on a deeper understanding of the experiences shared by autistic individuals. Jed also discusses his approach to enhancing social understanding and social relationships leading to increased self-esteem, confidence and life satisfaction.
  • Uniquely Human: The Podcast podcast

    The Wisdom of Fathers (Autistic and Neurotypical)


    In commemoration of Father’s Day, we have a discussion with Bob Jones and David LaFrenz. Bob is the father of a 32 year old autistic son, who has been severely impacted by his disability, and needs ongoing support. Bob is a Psychiatric Social Worker and Co-Founder of Cape Cod Village, a residential community-based community that provides support for autistic adults. David is an autistic adult who works as motor vehicle license evaluator in California and has a 15 year old son on the spectrum. Bob and David discuss their journeys as fathers, all they have learned from their sons and the advice they share for fathers and families.

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