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Unfiltered w/ Ally Pintucci

Ally Pintucci

Looks like you‘ve officially entered the group chat with your best friends. My name is Ally Pintucci and this the unfiltered podcast: the place where we leave the heavily filtered world of social media to talk about anything and everything uncensored. From personal wellness to entrepreneurship, spirituality, sex, surviving breakups, and hilarious girl talk in between, THIS is the space for important conversations that women should be having with their best friends. Pour yourself a glass of whatever feels good to you, sit back, and join me as I navigate adulthood with real + unfiltered conversations. #ThisIsUnfiltered CONNECT WITH ME: @AllyPintucci / @UnfilteredWithAlly / www.allypintucci.com

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    Shoe Addiction Mishap(s) + ”Should I Sleep With My RMT?” // #HuhNeyCheck w/ Jenn Ungaro


    You think that we'd be done with online shopping mishaps but the reality is that we'll never be done with those. We're addicted to shopping and that's it. #HuhneyCheck returns this week with some new shoe stories and the launch of our latest interactive segment: "What Would Hunni Do?". Do you need help with a situation? Are you in a pickle? Do you want advice from unqualified wannabe life coaches? Now's your chance to get all of the help that you ever wanted (and more) free of charge with our latest segment: "What Would Hunni Do?". We can't promise it's good advice, or if it's something you should even do - but we'll tell you what we'd do. For legal purposes, nothing we say can and will be held against us lol. Submit your questions here: https://allypintucci.com/whatwouldhunnido   CONNECT WITH US: www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/jennungaro www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck  
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    Getting Comfortable w/ Being Uncomfortable, Overnight Successes + Nailing Your Own Netflix Show w/ Karin Bohn


    The overnight success you're comparing yourself to has likely been in the game grinding for years. Top Canadian designer and host of Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge, Karin Bohn, knows this well. In this episode, we talk about the struggles and truths of female entrepreneurship and I get Karin to spill the beans on the top design trends for 2021.   ABOUT KARIN Karin Bohn is the founder and creative director of the award-winning House of Bohn design studio. She established the interior design firm in 2009 and since has made her mark in many industries including luxury residential, multi-family, restaurants, and retail. Dedicated to advancing her craft, Karin believes in invoking the unique soul of every project. Each space is designed with intention and her distinct aesthetic that is eclectic, bold, visually exciting and timeless, has become the trademark stamp behind House of Bohn’s work. Her work has garnered awards, media coverage, and global recognition, enabling her to expand her talented team, service local and international clients. Karin stars on Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge which features her global hospitality work, as she travels with a team of experts to provide design, marketing, and culinary consultation to establishments in need of assistance in some of the most beautiful locations around the world. With her continuously growing YouTube channel, Karin offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of her creative process, collaborative partnerships, and life as an entrepreneur, exemplifying the kind of camaraderie, transparency, and connection with her community that she holds dear.   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/karinbohn www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck  
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  • Unfiltered w/ Ally Pintucci podcast

    Getting In Alignment w/ Your Life‘s Purpose w/ Christine Banno


    Self-sabotage. Playing Small. Scarcity. Burnout. Impostor Syndrome.   The list goes on. These are normal feelings for many of us, especially entrepreneurs. I dive into all this and more with Christine Banno, an intuitive business coach who leads soul-driven entrepreneurs to the best and most successful versions of themselves. Mention that you heard her through the podcast and she'll offer you a juicy deal on her coaching programs. She's been my coach and I highly recommend her if you're ready to take the leap and step into your power.   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/christinebanno www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck  
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    46. Being In Integrity With Your Brand Ethos + Changing The World With Your Business w/ Hannah Maree Todd & Ainsley Rose.


    I sit down with the founders of @londrebodywear this week to chat about transparency in the swimwear industry. We also touch on building community, editing photos, body image, female entrepreneurship, hustle culture, and building the company of your dreams …in integrity.   Episode Sponsor: LEVEL Furnished Hotels & Suites. Get 10% OFF your next stay in Los Angeles, Vancouver or Chicago PLUS your pet stays free. Use ALLY10 at checkout!   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck    
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    45. The Comeback, Hunni Getting Ghosted + Did You Or Did You Not? // #HuhNeyCheck w/ Jenn Ungaro


    It's been 6 whole weeks but we're finally back and filling you in on all of the 411. From leaving to Los Angeles for 5 weeks, surprising myself with a trip to Vegas and all of the detail in between, we don't leave much off of the table in this week's episode of #HuhneyCheck. It's good to be back.   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/jennungaro www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally  
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    44. Man, I Feel Like A Woman: Hormones, Pelvic Floor &....Buttholes? w/ Katie McKenzie & Taren Grewall


    Another episode of no BS talk about the female body, hormones and dropping into your pelvic floor. Share this conversation with your besties.   ABOUT KATIE & TAREN The House of A La Ligne is a collective of movement practitioners dedicated to transforming the way you connect to your body and self. The A La Ligne Method was originally founded in 2019 by Katie McKenzie based on her experience in movement through Pilates and Qi Gong. Through her journey as a mother of two, she developed a deep passion for educating all humans on pelvic floor awareness and health. After completing the A La Ligne Method Mat Pilates Certification Program, Taren Grewall came on as the co-founder of what is now the House of A La Ligne.   With her previous career as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer, Taren brought forth the fiery component of movement that was the perfect complement to the strength of Pilates. With a combination of both their modalities of movement and lived experiences, Katie and Taren have created a program that is deeply rooted in holistic movement and breath. With equal parts soft and strong, this practice is designed to have you moving in your everyday life with deeper power and connection. This practice is far from easy, but is designed for all levels.   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/allypintucci  
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    43. Anxiety, High-Functioning Anxiety + More Anxiety w/Ana Lilia


    On this week's episode, I sit with breathwork + intuitive coach, Ana Lilia, to chat about our personal journeys with anxiety and how she went from personally coping to transforming the lives of others.   Ana's Approach: "For the last 4 years I've guided thousands of people to intimately connect with their breath as a pathway for transformation. I create personalized healing journeys by combining breathwork, intuitive guidance, and curated music. The combination of my clairvoyance and active breathing creates an accelerated healing session. This work is deep. It's transformative. It's for anyone who is ready to show up for themselves and change their life. I see your beautiful light, your gifts, and I want you to see them too. To celebrate them and share them with the world. I want to help you manifests your biggest dreams. ​ I regularly facilitate Breathwork experiences within corporations - Hyundai, Columbia Records, USC, Accenture, Vistage, American Heart Association. My work has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, BravoTV, Los Angeles Times, Harper's Baazar, among other publications."   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/_ana_lilia   JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP FOR WOMEN www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck  
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    42. What's Your Relationship With Relationships? Breakup Bootcamp + Reprogramming Old Patterns w/ Amy Chan


    Amy Chan is the Founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, a retreat that takes a scientific and spiritual approach to heal the heart. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Heart Hackers Club - an online magazine that focuses on the psychology behind love, lust, and desire. The Observer calls her "A relationship expert whose work is like that of a scientific Carrie Bradshaw" and her company has been featured across national media including Good Morning America, Vogue, Glamour, Nightline, and the front page of The New York Times.   Since I've been deep into restarting "Sexy and The City" this seemed like a great episode to share with you guys this week. I sit down with breakup expert, Amy Chan, to chat serving breakups, codependency, attachment styles, and reprogramming old patterns to set your new (and current) relationships up for success.   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/missamychan www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck  
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    41. The Celebrity Hall Pass, Going To LA + Who's On Your List?// #HuhNeyCheck w/ Jenn Ungaro


    Holy shit, we're back. After a much needed 3 week rest, hunni and I hopped back on the bandwagon with some absurd conversations for today's episode. DM us and let us know who's on your list.   www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/jennungaro www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck      
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    40. (Lack Of) Sex In The City + What To ACTUALLY Do When You See A Bear// #HuhNeyCheck w/ Jenn Ungaro


    After last the last episode of #HuhNeyCheck, you had a lot to say about your dating adventures so we decided to keep the convo going. Ally updates you on some men that popped up over this past week, we have some confessionals, we clarify what you actually need to do when you see a bear and decide that we're never going to the north pole.   PS Join our girls only group: www.facebook.com/groups/huhneycheck   CONNECT WITH US www.instagram.com/allypintucci www.instagram.com/unfilteredwithally www.instagram.com/jennungaro  

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