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#134 How To Win At DOUBLE DATING (The Two Man Guide)

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On Today’s Episode we discuss Double Dating! Would you go out with the Ugly Friend? Getting your girl stolen, Ideal Double Date scenarios, and the Unspoken RULES of the 2 Man

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Timecodes (Episode #134):

00:20 - Intro
06:20 - Two Manning
16:29 - Kicking A Friend Out Of The Group
21:20 - Who Are You Taking On A Two Man?
25:18 - Wootaks Most Successful Two Man
34:58 - Rules Of A Two Man
43:21 - Esther Went To A Kazumi Party
50:28 - Perfect Two Man Scenario
52:07 - Two Man Date Activities
59:06 - Viet As A Wingman
1:02:47 - Support The Channel Please
1:07:12 - Getting Stuck In A Two Man
1:14:01 - Have You Ever TYB-ed Someone?
1:19:27 - Has Someone Hit On You In Front Of Your Date?
1:30:29 - Outro

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