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Favorite Films of Jill Schoelen!

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Popular YouTube interviewer Chris Mayek returns to explore the career of actress Jill Schoelen (The Stepfather, When A Stranger Calls Back, Babes In Toyland) and highlight some of our favorite films! Jill Schoelen has starred in a wide range of genre films. We highlight just a few in this episode. The Cannon rock drama Thunder Alley, horror favorite Popcorn, and the 90s romantic rocker Rich Girl. Links to those movies are below, along with a link to Chris’ YouTube channel! Don’t miss our interview with Jill Schoelen next week! Watch Thunder Alley here! Buy Popcorn here! Rich Girl can be seen here! Subscribe to Chris Mayek’s YouTube channel here! Dig our show? Please consider supporting us on Patreon for tons of bonus content and appreciation: Please follow/subscribe and rate us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Instagram: @twodollarlatefee Subscribe to our YouTube Check out Jim Walker’s intro/outro music on Bandcamp: Facebook: Merch: IMDB: Two Dollar Late Fee is a part of the nutritious Geekscape Network Every episode is produced, edited, and coddled by Zak Shaffer (@zakshaffer) & Dustin Rubin (@dustinrubinvo) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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