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If you’ve been stuck on Exploring on the 5 Step Path from Surviving to Thriving, this week’s episode is for you! Monica Packer shares how a Do Something List can be a powerful tool for exploring and discovering who you are and what you love. It’s a practical push to find fulfillment in your everyday life. It is separate from a goals or resolutions list. It’s more about exploration than competition. 

Monica is also no stranger to struggles and survival seasons and you will hear how she has learned to navigate those seasons a little more gracefully and find peace with things looking differently when life gets hard.

For Monica, the biggest lesson from the Do Something List is that the transformation lies in the process, not the outcome. It’s not completing the list that brings fulfillment. It’s in the trying that you rediscover who you are, be more of yourself, and experience the trickle-down effect that comes from that.

Monica’s Tips for a Do Something List

  1. Pick a timeframe that this list applies to (for example, the whole year or a season).

  2. Start with a lot of reflection on different parts of yourself that you want to bring back and things you want to try or are curious about.

  3. Finalize the list based on the things that are right for the season - not paying prices that are too high for the season you are in.

  4. It is a push to find time, but not to break you.

  5. Start small and in doable ways so you can gently stretch this part of yourself.

  6. You can take things off or add things to the list.

  7. Start with the funnest thing on your list that also seems doable or something that fits into what you are already doing (like trying new recipes).

  8. You don’t need to complete your list! Monica never has in the last 8 years.

You can get a step-by-step through and more ideas in this week’s episode and dive deeper with Monica at: https://www.workinprogressacademy.co/dsl

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