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This is my seventh year creating a vision for my year. It is always a new experience, and I’m amazed at what comes out of this exercise. In today’s episode, I’m sharing what I’ve learned in 2023 and what I’m focusing on, changing, and working toward in 2024.

Here are a few areas from my 2024 vision: 

Investing More Into What’s Working:

  • Road trips

  • Family adventures (beach, historical sites, new experience)

  • Vegetable gardening

  • Having friends over for dinner

  • Hiking and time outdoors

  • Relationships with our siblings and parents


  • Rock climbing wall

  • Write and publish a book

  • Plant fruit trees and berries

  • Start a medicinal and culinary herb garden

  • Fix our fence

Back to Basics

  • Home management and our weekly rhythm 

  • Taking care of myself

  • My relationship with God

Every year what my vision works like is a surprise. It is unique and fits for the season I am in. I continue to share what my vision looks like as an inspiration for you to see that there is no wrong way to create one. I don’t try to stick to a specific formula. I try to include God in the process and just see where I am for my learning and growth.

If self care and creating good habits are part of your vision for 2024, Mom Matters Too is the place for you. Learn more HERE.

And if you need help creating your vision, check out my Create Your Vision Mini-Course.

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