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At the start of this new year, I realized I needed to make some changes to how I’m using my phone. In this week’s episode, I’m outlining the problems I was having with technology and how it impacted my daily life, the parameters I’ve set for myself with my phone, and how I’ve set myself up for success.

5 Reasons to Reduce Phone Usage:

  1. Often, when things are out of balance, or we’re not in our usual routines and rhythms, it’s easy to fill the lack of structure and numb our feelings with screen time. This just makes things worse.

  2. I find that when I have things I want to do on my phone - whether it’s an audiobook, podcast, course, project, etc. - then it is easy for me to come up with lots of excuses for the kids to keep playing, not involve them in helping out around the house, or for me to step away and finding ways to spend less time with them. These are great resources, but I want a break from the pull to step away.

  3. When I did my yearly review, I was surprised by the stories I was telling myself vs. reality. I was shocked at how much we did with family experiences and relationship-building with our family and people close to home. I want to be more aware and let reality count.

  4. I’ve been on my devices a lot more the last quarter with business and Christmas prep, which then turns to wasting time because our phones are masters at rabbit holes. I’ve gone down great rabbit holes I’ve learned a lot from, BUT it was still many hours on a screen and disengaged. I want to course correct and be more engaged at home.

  5. I want to give more attention to intentional rhythms with my younger kids specifically, which means firmer boundaries around screens for all of us.

How I Set My Phone Up To Be…Just a Phone!

  • I deleted all the apps off the home screen on my phone except for phone, text, calendar, and camera.

  • I deleted and disabled Google Discover and Search, so I have zero ability to check email or look things up.

  • I put my phone in greyscale mode. It looks horrible and makes it very unappealing to use for much besides phone calls.

  • I got a flashlight to replace using my phone as a flashlight at night and in the early morning hours. I can’t get sidetracked with it if it isn't in my hand.

  • I got a pocket-sized notebook to carry around with a pen. I’ve replaced grabbing my phone with grabbing a notebook to write down a note or to-do item.

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