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If decorating your home feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, this conversation with Myquillyn Smith will bring clarity and hope. We discuss house rules (and how to break them), how to fix things when they don’t look right, how to decorate on a budget, and how to figure out what your next step is when it comes to creating a home that you love being in and feels good.

I have personally read and implemented what Myquillyn has taught in her books and community since 2018, and I’m so grateful to be able to introduce you to some whom I’ve learned a lot from when it comes to creating rooms in my home that I truly love.

One of the decorating principles that has made the biggest difference in my home is Myquillyn’s decorating trinity.

The Homey Trinity: Rugs, Drapes, and Lighting

As someone who doesn’t love a lot of trinkets to care of, understanding the impact of these three items has set me free and allowed me to to confidently create spaces I love to be in. If you are just getting started putting rooms together, an invaluable resource - and where I first learned about the power of rugs, drapes, and lighting is in Myquillyn’s book Cozy Minimalist Home.

A confident decorator is someone who, when the room doesn’t look right, knows what to do. No one is born knowing that. You learn from mentors, from trial and error, and by asking lots of questions. Decorating can be scary because other people see it. But your home should be your safe place to try things out. 

Decorating is low stakes and is a great place to take a risk and learn from your attempts. It is a great thing to teach your kids that some risks are high stakes, some are low stakes, and decorating falls into the low-stakes and fun category. A fabulous starting space for learning what doesn’t look right and why is Myquillyn Smith’s fourth book, House Rules.

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