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Episode 56: Thrillers to Celebrate Black Authors

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Welcome to Episode 56 of Thrillers by the Bookclub Podcast! Join your hosts Chelsea and Olivia as we talk about the latest in thrillers including shout outs for Pub Day and a deep dive into two books we love.

Chelsea's Books: The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson, When No One Is Watching by Alyssa Cole, Razorblade Tears by SA Cosby, We Lie Here by Rachel Howzell Hall, As The Wicked Watch by Tamron Hall

Olivia's Books: All Her Little Secrets by Wanda M. Morris, Not So Perfect Strangers by LS Stratton, Missing White Woman by Kellye Garrett, Jackal by Erin E Adams, Down the River Unto the Sea by Walter Mosley

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Happy Pub Day!

  • WHAT FEASTS AT NIGHT by T. Kingfisher
  • THE SPLIT by Kit Frick
  • VILLAGE IN THE DARK By Iris Yamashita
  • THE RESORT by Sara Ochs
  • ORIGINAL SINS by Erin Young

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