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Episode 50: All About Academic Thrillers

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Welcome to Episode 50 of Thrillers by the Bookclub Podcast! Join your hosts Chelsea and Olivia as we talk about the latest in thrillers including shout outs for Pub Day and a deep dive into two books we love.

Chelsea's Book Suggestions: GOOD GIRLS LIE by JT Ellison, THE BROKEN GIRLS by Simone St. James, THE GIRLS ARE SO NICE HERE Here by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, THE IT GIRL by Ruth Ware, IN MY DREAMS I HOLD A KNIFE by Ashley Winstead

Olivia's Book Suggestions: FOR YOUR OWN GOOD by Samantha Downing, THE LYING GAME by Ruth Ware, THEY DID BAD THINGS by Lauran A. Forry, THE SORORITY MURDERS by Allison Brennan, IN THESE HALLOWED HALLS - short story anthology

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Instagram: Chelsea: ⁠⁠@thrillerbookbabe⁠⁠   Olivia: ⁠⁠@oliviadaywallace⁠⁠

Happy Pub Day!

    • THE CHRISTMAS APPEAL by Janice Hallett
    • WITH A BLIGHTED TOUCH by J. Todd Kingrea
    • CHRISTMAS PRESENTS by Lisa Unger
    • THE BLUE MONSOON by Damyanti Biswas

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