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What's going on with TVA?

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Residents, elected officials, and climate activists have concerns about what the use of fossil fuels will mean for the state, especially as scientists say we should be phasing out our fossil fuel consumption. Today, we'll hear from reporters about their perspective on the TVA Board of Directors, which oversees the utility, and what the fossil fuel expansion will mean for Tennesseans. We'll also speak with two organizers who believe TVA could be doing a better job of protecting the environment while still providing electricity. 

Later, we'll talk with the Black Nashville Assembly to learn more about what measures they want to see to ensure safety for young people in our city.

This episode was produced by Elizabeth Burton and Khalil Ekulona.

This Is Nashville was unable to coordinate a representative from TVA to appear on today's show. 


  • Jamie Satterfield, investigative journalist
  • Caroline Eggers, Environmental Equity Reporter, WPLN
  • JT Neal, organizer for Sunrise Movement Nashville
  • Tracy O’Neill, organizer with Preserve Cheatham County and Clean Up TVA 
  • Erica Perry, Black Nashville Assembly

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