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Student reporter roundup

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Middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students all over Middle Tennessee run student newspapers, TV stations and recording studios. These student journalists work hard to deliver news and inform their communities. Today, we’re talking with student writers, reporters and podcasters about their latest coverage — and what it’s like to be an emerging journalist right now. Join us!


  • Nick Held, Montgomery Bell Academy 8th grader, editor of upcoming Top of the Hill issue

  • Grace Chen, James Lawson High School senior, staff writer, The Lightening Letter

  • Robert Lakatosh, TN Tech sophomore, NPR Student Podcast Challenge finalist

  • Shamani Salahuddin, MTSU senior, Student Assistant Lifestyles editor at MTSU Sidelines

  • Maya Taylor, TSU senior, Editor-in-Chief, The Meter

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This episode was produced by Katherine Ceicys and Mary Mancini.

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