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Service dogs and their handlers

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If you don’t have a disability, you may not have ever thought twice about how you would get into a building or whether you can really trust a gluten-free label. When you are disabled, it can seem like every decision you make has to be calculated in order to avoid flareups, episodes or more. Prescription medication, surgery, therapy, Eastern medication, yoga, massages and more can all be solutions to alleviate or ameliorate a disability, but for some people, this is not enough. They might turn to the help of a service dog to guide them around, alert them to incoming medical episodes and more.

Today, we’ll talk with service dog handlers and trainers in Middle Tennessee to learn more about what these dogs can do, how to respond when you see one in public, and what it takes to train one.

This episode was produced by Elizabeth Burton. Special thanks to Tom Jedlowski.


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