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Navigating College Decision Day

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Students are waiting for the mail and checking online portals to find out if they’ve been accepted or denied admission to their chosen schools. They then have to decide where to enroll and how to pay for college by May 1. Today, we’re talking with students, a parent of a high school senior, an admissions counselor and a mental health professional about how high schoolers and families can successfully navigate toward College Decision Day — and their future ahead. Join us!


  • Shae Camardo, MLK High School senior

  • Eli Sheahen, Valor College Prep senior

  • Janet Weller, Harpeth Hall Director of College Counseling

  • Dr. Shairi Turner, Chief Health Officer, Crisis Text Line

  • RJ Ware, MTSU sophomore, past Freshman Council president, VP elect for Student Government Association

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This episode was produced by Katherine Ceicys.

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