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Is liberty and justice really for all?

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If you stand outside a local Old Navy on a hot summer day, you might see a grandmother carrying large bags, overflowing with discounted American-themed apparel for the whole family. It's hard to resist a good sale, especially when it comes in the form of patriotic polyester.

Others might be a little more hesitant to proudly display patriotism via flying the flag outside their home or office or by saying the pledge at ballgames. We asked our listeners what you thought about the pledge of allegiance. We'll discuss these comments and more as we understand Nashvillians' relationship to the American flag.

This episode was produced by Elizabeth Burton.


  • David Dark, professor of religion at Belmont University

  • Gwen Moore, artist and writer

  • Councilmember Jordan Huffman, Metro Councilmember for District 14

  • Elizabeth Burton, This Is Nashville multimedia producer

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