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How Metro Arts conflict is impacting artists

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As much as we all love drama, we’d prefer it stayed on stage. 

At the June 4 council meeting, Metro Council approved the $200,000 settlement that would ensure former Director Daniel Singh’s resignation from the Metro Arts Commission. This is just the latest in a multiyear long conflict regarding equity — within the Metro Arts staff, between Metro Arts and other Metro departments, and in the Thrive award application process.

Instead, back-and-forth about deficits and decorum has ruled the conversation, leaving independent artists and organizations alike to operate this fiscal year without actually receiving the funding Metro Arts awarded them. Today, we’ll hear perspectives on the source of these issues and from affected local artists.

This episode was produced by Elizabeth Burton. 


  • Joy Styles, Metro Councilmember for District 32
  • Jamie Hollin, attorney for former Director Daniel Singh
  • Sangeetha Ekambaram,  independent, multidisciplinary artist and member of Arts Equity Nashville
  • Alayna Anderson, founder of Nashville Women in Jazz and member of Arts Equity Nashville

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