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Ask the Mayor, plus 'Taking Cover'

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Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell takes listeners calls today.

Then, starting this Friday, April 19, Nashville Public Radio will be running the seven-part series Taking Cover at noon. Hosted by NPR's Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman and Graham Smith of the Investigations unit, Taking Cover investigates the worst Marine-on-Marine friendly fire incident in modern history and the events that followed. This Is Nashville producer Katherine Ceicys spoke with Bowman and Smith about the series and what listeners can expect. 

This Is Nashville will be live again tomorrow, Thursday, April 18, and will return again on Tuesday, April 30.


  • Nashville Mayor Freddie O'Connell

  • Tom Bowman, Co-host, Taking Cover; NPR National Desk, Pentagon Reporter

  • Graham Smith, Co-host, Taking Cover; NPR Senior Producer, Investigations

  • Katherine Ceicys, Multimedia Producer, *This is Nashville*

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This episode was produced by Katherine Ceicys and Mary Mancini.

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