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A soldier, a sailor and a marine all walk into the studio...

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Military service is a point of pride for many here in Tennessee and across the country. From wanting to serve something bigger than oneself, to seeking job experience or world travel, to honoring a family tradition of service-  everyone who joins the military must find their own reason for signing up. Today we’re talking with local recruiters from the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps to learn more about each branch and the first steps anyone here in Middle Tennessee can take towards serving. Join us to learn how to join up!


  • U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Paul Gardner

  • U.S. Navy Commander Lacey Popson

  • U.S Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Brandon McCoppin

Learn More:

U.S. Air Force recruitment website |

U.S. Army recruitment website |

U.S. Coast Guard recruitment website |

U.S. Marine Corps recruitment website |

U.S. Navy recruitment website |

U.S. Space Force recruitment website |

This episode was produced by Katherine Ceicys.

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