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The Weak-Side Podcast: Free Agency Awards Show Edition

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Fresh off the NFL's free-agency opening rush, the Weak-Side Podcast is ready to hand out our awards—bolstered, per usual, by masterful sound effects from producer Shelby. On this week's Free Agency Awards Show Edition, Conor and Jenny present: *The teams with the best and worst overall free-agency performances. Which club really nailed it this year, and which one left a ton of glaring needs unaddressed? (Raiders, we see you...) *The best and worst overall signing. While the depressed cap market mostly led to good deals, a few teams seemed to overpay and get desperate. And one team did not yet address a major position of need, despite pleas from its QB. *The best under-the-radar signing, one we'll be talking about in December. Think a savvy veteran center and a versatile DB/returner.  *Plus, The Orracle gives you a move to watch for in the coming weeks, and the Vrentas Consensus centers on a different kind of spending—or lack thereof.  Loyal listeners, we want to keep hearing from you! Email us at [email protected] or leave us a message at our brand-new voicemail line: 929-445-7349. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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