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Ep 159: Did they really say that? Campaign travesties, lots of laughs and Macron's gamble

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What would you do if you saw Boris Johnson coming out of a bush? It's a startling sight but it could happen if he happens to be promoting one of his columns for The Mail. As for his sister, she definitely won't be in a Lidl but might be in a Sainsbury's, you'll know why when you hear the clip.

Then we head to the campaign trail for 'The Election Section' and Beth Rigby is the latest presenter to have grilled Sunak and Starmer. Starmer may have done better in that arena but neither are covering themselves in glory with the public. One laughs at a doctor, the other has a tone deaf response to a child's story. Still, not much beats the reception, Esther Macvey got when she made some wild claim about her party.

Then to France we go and this is where it becomes apparent that Jemma might have had a night on the tiles and be feeling a little 'fragile' during record. Her French accent is more Del Boy than Del Boy's as Marina points out. Why has Macron called an election? What happened in the EU Parliament elections and why can't Jemma pronounce the word 'effortlessly.' There may be a few laughs in this ep

Then some truly staggeringly bad takes and a plethora of Under Rated Tweets.

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