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Ep 153: Vorder Force, Suella Silenced and an Unexpected Winner

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This Ep was recorded the morning of the election announcement so the Trawl ladies are busy collating all the best reactions for the next episode. This one unpacks a strange week for Suella but before they get into that, they begin their trawl with a wonderful moment from Carol Vorderman who had the Joe Lycett audience whooping with delight.

The students at Cambridge were much quieter when GB News and Braverman turned up to ask them why they were protesting about Palestine. Words have power but sometimes, so does silence.

Although the guest she confronted in the GB News about the same topic, was gloriously outspoken and for once, it seems Suella didn’t have much to answer back with.

Then it’s onto some of the reaction from the same news outlet regarding Ofcom’s finding that their ‘Ask Rishi’ forum was impartial.

Lastly, Jemma and Marina discuss the fact that Jeremy Clarkson has been voted sexiest man by the female users of a certain dating site. The mind boggles.

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