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Ep 147: Keeping up with the Cameron...and his £42m private jet

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Poor poor Lawrence Fox - literally.

The episode opens with the unfortunate news of Laurence Fox having to pay large sums in libel damages. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

Then all aboard the private jet - that's right, Lord David Cameron's £42m private jet, which he hired for his latest jaunt as Foreign Secretary, with the bill being footed by us taxpayers. Just as well he can be questioned about this in the House of Commons...Oh.

Next stop is Question Time, and this week was Tory MP, Chris Philp's turn to make an utter tit of himself with geography skills as impressive as Dominic Raab's.

Jemma and Marina move on to talk about the latest round of performative cruelty with the Govt's announcement around disability and sickness reforms, and seek to reassure anyone listening with some words of advice from Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis.

To finish on a lighter note, Jemma and Marina serve up a Victoria Sponge of an underrated tweet of the week with pudding from Larry & Paul.

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