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Ep 145: Sunak's Sick Note Britain & Ridiculous Honours

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The episode opens with a visit to the US courtroom where strange noises and smells have reportedly been emitted from a somewhat sleepy Donald Trump...

Then it's onto the latest performative cruelty policy from the party of Government as they announce punitive reforms to sickness and disability benefits, because why would they sort out the collapse of our National Health Service, when they can simply scapegoat the people who need it?

Included is some context that shows we might not be quite the 'sick note culture' we're being made out to be, plus a throwback clip to when people complained that their GP appointments were given too soon!

Next, Jemma and Marina discuss a laughable headline from The Telegraph's Camilla Tominey. And from laughable news titles, to laughable Royal titles - because it appears King Charles has been busy dishing out a load more honours to his wife, bro and kids. If you thought The Order of the Thistle was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet...




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