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Ep 144: 3am Sleaze, Marathon Glory and Rwanda Shame

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Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, Claire Coutinho, has said that the Tory's have overshot all their targets.... without laughing....on National TV. This is such an outlandish claim, she almost deserves a medal but not as much as Chris Packham does for his outstanding performance on the Laura K show. And certainly not as much as everyone who ran the London Marathon does. Jemma and Marina enjoy some highlights and chat about what impressed and inspired them most about the annual, 26 mile, test of endurance. It won't surprise regular listeners to discover that Marina's favourite moment involved wine.

Then, the Trawl ladies rake over what happened at 3am one night when Tory MP, Mark Menzies, put in a phone call because he needed to pay off some 'bad people.'

Talking of bad people, Jemma and Marina are gutted that after many rounds of political ping pong, the Rwanda bill has finally been passed. A moment of national shame that ironically comes on the same week as St George's Day. But when does national pride become pure nationalism?

Pudding is served by comedian Matilda Thorpe.

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