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Ep 140: Forget Wragg, what about Rayner?

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Financial advice from Sunak, anyone? Because that's what was offered by our PM in his latest comms disaster video put out by No.10. The ladies discuss the desperate attempts by the PM to shift public perception, as well as the very obvious flaw.

Then it's onto "courageous and fulsome" William Wragg - whose latest accolade includes being praised by the Chancellor of the Exchequer for sending photos of his meat and two veg to a perfect stranger on the internet before compromising his colleagues, some of which, went on to do the same. What a time to be alive!

But who cares about Wragg, or indeed the billions of pounds squandered, evaded or funnelled by Conservatives, because EVERYONE LOOK AT ANGELA RAYNER! Jemma and Marina discuss the crazed efforts of the right to try and make us angry about a potential £1.5k tax issue from a lady who sold her council house 9 years ago and wasn't even an MP at the time, with desperate Dan at The Mail on Sunday leading the charge.

Then it's onto some mispronunciations that may offend your ears, before a delightful pudding finisher from The Marsh Family.

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