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You Might Be A People-Pleaser If...

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So, a while back, my therapist called me a "people-pleaser." Which, to be honest, I thought was totally rude. 🙃 It's just a term I've never personally identified with and the idea that some under current of making everyone happy was yanking me around didn't feel great.

But I got curious...

What if I AM a people-pleaser?

So I started researching. How do people-pleasing behaviors show up? What are the symptoms and signs of people-pleasing?

Aaaand it made things pretty clear.

I'm bringing my findings to you on this week's episode of  The Transforming Anxiety Podcast . Are you a people-pleaser? Do you, like me, not think you are, but maybe you kinda sorta not-so-secretly are?

 Join me for this conversation (and my totally dumb riff on that old *you might be a redneck, if...* sketch).

And hey: wanna dig into your own people-pleasing tendencies and start cleaning that up? CLICK HERE and let's talk.

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