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Victim Mentality vs. Victim

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You know I like to come at anxiety from all angles and I want to consider something that we haven't talked about on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast yet: victim mentality.

This is different from being the victim of a crime, of a natural disaster, of random violence or an accident or disease or some other action or event. Those are real and traumatic and difficult and that is NOT what we're discussing.

I'm talking about:

  • Blaming other people for things that happen in your life
  • Not taking responsibility for your words or actions
  • Having big reactions to small things
  • Believing everyone has it easier / better than you

These are mindsets that can completely sabotage you...and they all lead straight to spinning out in anxiety.

Join me for this week's episode and just *consider* how this one shows up for you. Spoiler alert: we all do it. This isn't something you're immune to. But you can cultivate more self-awareness and self-compassion and take yourself off this hook.

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