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The Chasm Between Knowing & Doing

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It seems like if we know something, we should act accordingly, right? If you know what you want or should do, it! I mean, according to the 80's G.I. Joe cartoon, "knowing is half the battle" so it only makes sense that if we *know* what we want to do, we will *do* it.

And yet...

...we don't.

Turns out knowing is knowing and doing is doing, and the knowing actually has very little to do with the doing.


This week on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast we're going to explore this tricky little reality...the chasm between knowing and doing.

There's science behind this, good reasons why we don't just DO what we KNOW we want for ourselves, and an important link between this chasm and anxiety. Join me for this week's episode and let's talk about it.

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