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Life-Enhancing Anxiety w/Dr. Kirk Schneider

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This week on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast  I have another interview for you: this time with Dr. Kirk J. Schneider about his brand-new book, Life-Enhancing Anxiety...and can we talk about how amazing just that phrase is?? What if anxiety were life ENHANCING instead of, as he talks about, life DENYING?

In this interview we explore:

  • Life-denying anxiety - the pull towards black-and-white thinking and how keeping this mindset leads to dead-end living.
  • How to counter life-denying anxiety - being more aware of the wonder and awe of life and engaging there instead of bombarding ourselves with fear and fairy tales.
  • Life-enhancing anxiety - the kind of anxiety that "enables us to live with and make the best of the depth and mystery of existence."
  • The tyranny of sameness - and how "the desire for sameness can actually be one of the most destructive aspects of being alive."
  • How to move from anxiety to awe - and the importance of allowing ourselves to grapple with the discomfort of emotions like anxiety as a way to move towards real personal freedom.

This is a rich conversation and I hope that you find it helpful. Join me for my discussion with Dr. Kirk Schneider in this week's episode...

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