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How To Be Alone w/Nicole Antoinette

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I have another interview for you this week on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast; this week, I'm talking to author, long-distance hiker, and community-creator, Nicole Antoinette, about her new book How To Be Alone .

Nicole hiked all 800 miles of the Arizona Trail from the Utah border to Mexico...alone. She camped and rationed water in the desert and dealt with all the wildlife one imagines coming across, all while dealing with the thoughts, feelings, and discomfort that are an inevitable part of the human experience...especially if you're alone and confronted with 800 miles of your own mental chatter and meaning-making.

This is a powerful conversation that covers everything from people-pleasing to the reality of change to hiking gear to sobriety to divorce. We didn't leave much out.

And hey: whether you're interested in hiking or not, think of the trail as a microcosm of LIFE. Everything she confronts on the AZT directly relates to the work we do around here: transforming anxiety, tree by tree by tree (you'll see what I mean in the episode).

If you'd like to catch the video version of our conversation, just CLICK HERE. I can't wait for you to hear this one...

To find out more about Nicole, visit and you can find her on Instagram @nic.antoinette 

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