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Today on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast we're going to do an exercise in awareness...and we're going to use the vehicle of complaining to practice.

We all complain. It's a very socially-acceptable way of relating and conversing with others. I'm pretty sure it's some peoples' love language (SO FUN!).

What is complaining? Why do we go there so often? Does it get us anywhere?

This isn't a conversation about trying to convince the people around you to not complain. It's not a how-to fix-it guide for solving the so-called problem of complaining.

It IS an investigation into the act of complaining and an invitation to bring awareness in. Which is sometimes all we need.

Join me for this week's episode and let's take a look at complaining...

Full show notes located at: www.kellyhanlinmccormick.com/podcast/215 

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